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grey in  | GrapheezMy name is Gregory FIEVET, I’m French and I am passionate about graphic Arts and Web-Design.

At the beginning of year 2013, Me and my two best friends have decided to open this community site to share graphics resources. we are all three passionate by vector art, graphic design and web design.

Grapheez is a free vector art library growing every day, offering a great variety of vector graphics, clip art, icons, artwork, vector wallpaper, vector abstract background, illustrator drawing, silhouettes and more! With Grapheez.com, You will always find what you are looking for!

Otherwise, We reserve a place here for Designers and artists to create and share any sort of free graphics design. You can post all graphics design you want, that this is clip-art, vector and bitmap icons, Patterns, abstracts design, or also many other items to power your creativity.

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Thank you to all members and futures members of GRAPHEEZ.com and Thanks a lot for your involvement and sharing.

Now it’s time to enjoy free vector and graphics resources available on www.grapheez.com.

Enjoy and over again ! Our motto : When One Loves, One does not count !

Grapheez Team.